Versatile Mobile Wonder

mobilephonesheaven recently wrote a review on the latest mobile gadget N96 , newest smartphone addition to N series . More here

Notable features including large 2.8 inches TFT screen capable of displaying up to 16 million colours with a screen resolution of 240 X 320 pixels, integrated DVB-H receiver receiver offers TV at its best ,16 GB memory extendible upto 32 GB , 5 mega pixel camera ( featuring Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar lens, auto focus, LED flash ) ,FM radio ,Bluetooth and USB

In short 'Truly Nokia N96 deserves to be termed as a “Versatile Mobile Wonder” given the fact it has some amazing functionalities to offer'

Converting IPath into its Canonical form

// path refers to IPath
final String pathString = path.toOSString();
final String canonicalPath = new java.io.File(pathString).getCanonicalPath();
//only create a new path if necessary
// No need to create new path if (canonicalPath.equals(pathString))
// Else Create new Path(canonicalPath);

Constructor Exceptions in C++, C#, and Java

Herb Sutter wrote an interesting article on Constructor Exceptions in C++, C#, and Java . Its an interesting read link to entry here

A few excerpts from the article here
  1. A constructor conceptually turns a suitably sized chunk of raw memory into an object that obeys its invariants. An object’s lifetime doesn’t begin until its constructor completes successfully. If a constructor ends by throwing an exception, that means it never finished creating the object and setting up its invariants — and at the point the exceptional constructor exits, the object not only doesn’t exist, but never existed.
  2. A destructor/disposer conceptually turns an object back into raw memory. Therefore, just like all other nonprivate methods, destructors/disposers assume as a precondition that “this” object is actually a valid object and that its invariants hold. Hence, destructors/disposers only run on successfully constructed objects.
PS : If you dont know who is Herb Sutter , read more here


Torrent rocks !!

Recently one of my friend wanted a software which is very expensive to buy , we were talking about the same , i got an idea and i promised her to get the sw other day !!!

i was thinking about torrents and am sure u will get torrents for free . i just searched for the same in a site , i got it :)

if you want to know more abt torrents read here

10 Things You Should Know About Symbian

Dan Jones, editor of unstrung wrote an interesting article about symbian where he talking about 1o things you should know about symbian ...link here

In short
1. Symbian is big
2. Symbian is old
3. Symbian luvs Nokia
4. Symbian has roots
5. Symbian craves security
6. Symbian lives off royalty
7. Symbian is hard to value
8. Symbian has applications
9. Google runs on Symbian
10. Symbian is sexy

Good list :)

Sorting TableViewer , use ViewerComparator in tables to allow sorting

Tom Schindl wrote a snippet to show usage of Sorting for
Viewers.He used ViewerComparator to do the same , handy code
snippet very useful in many scenarios

dowload the code from eclipse repository here

SWT leaks : Hacking !!

Recently i heard about a tool Sleak , it is a simple tool that monitors the creation and disposing of SWT graphics resources . It is written by people in swt team and is available for download here

It may not work correctly if you follow the instructions step by step in the tool , but everything will be allright if u create a plugin out of the downloaded org.eclipse.swt.sleak_1.0.0.200803140904.jar file and put in the plugin folder of your eclipse , rest follow the instructions there.

The beauty of the this tool is , it helps u to figure out the SWT resource handle leaking where as the other profiling tools profile in a generic memory point of view , i tried it and its great .

Thanks for the SWT team for made this tool available to eclipse programmers ....


My predictions got wrong !!!

I was expecting a ferrari finish at German GP , unfortunately it didnt happen. Pole sitter , lewis had a great start , he was leading the race till 36 th lap where timo clock crashed to the pitwall due to a suspension failure , which flagged yellow . Most of the cars in the circuit lined to the pitlane where are mclaren gambled there strategy , by keeping lewis on track , it was a risky move .

Everybody thought yellow flag situation was good to ferrari , but it was just not good enough for the iceman, he waited at the pitlane for few seconds which costed him few championship points , may be a podium position ...

surprisingly once the yellow flag is take away , effectively Nelson Piquet was leading the race , because he was in a one stop strategy , where as everybody in his front need to take there routine pitstops . after lewis pits Nelson leads the race for a while , till lewis back into action . He was riding the faster car , +1 s advantage every lap , he easily passed massa ( wtf he doing !!!) , later nelson too. Nelson did an excellent drive keep massa away ..great drive !!

its great to see nelsingho was running 1 .16 where as his team mate double world champion was running 1.17 ..wow ..cool

Kimi after the pitstop , there is nothing much to do , he did best his overtook trulli and kubica and be positioned in a point scoring position ...

now Lewis leading the championship with massa and kimi behind ...

i hope hungaroring race is going to be a turning point for the drivers standing .....Its great that 4 drivers are fighting for the wdc title ..cool ..great news for the racing fans ..it looks its going to be breath taking race for all ....

Btw its great to see Karun Chandok wins the german GP2 ...cool dude ..keep the spirit up !!!


'The Doctor' stops Stoner ,clinches victory

Championship leader rossi puts an end to stoner's dominating successive victory hunt at Laguna seca on sunday .This is the first time rossi winning in this circuit.

A speedy start helped him to keep fight on with stoner , deciding moment of the race come on 24th lap where rossi and stoner prepared to enter the home straight , there stoner ran wide into the gravel , but he picked the ducati back to the race , but italian was flying :) .

Though bit disappointment for stoner , he now second in the standing , ahead of dani pedrosa and 25 points lacks to Rossi .

lets wait for the live action again in 17 August , check republic after the summer holidays ....

Stonesr smashing records starting on pole along with rossi

Stoner starts US GP in poll position , his fifth top spot in succession . Rossi finished second in the chart with .5 s more than stoners record time ...

It is going to be an interesting and important run for both because both are in a title competing position , though rossi has a little advatange in the points as of now ..

Rossi had an interesting comment during the press ,when questioned in the immediate live international press feed as to whether he had a plan for victory over Stoner, the five-time MotoGP World Champion quickly replied:`Yes. Start 30 seconds earlier than him.´

more here and here