10 things that make blokes cry

Real men don't cry? Interesting article from BBC news .. The question is what makes men weep in public?....

here it goes
  • Making parents proud
  • Birth of first child - or grandchild
  • Tribulations of loved one
  • Letting a loved one down
  • Saying sorry
  • Letting yourself down
  • Being dumped
  • Beaten in a hard-fought game
  • Winning a hard-fought game
  • These aren't tears. It's just bits of dust.
here we go for in detail


Hungaroring - Heikki won , kimi in podium

Awful finish by Massa , Bad luck by Hamilton , handed over the Podium positions to Heikki, Glock and Kimi. Kimi had a bad start , stayed behind alonso , till halfway of the race , back to the game after second pitstop , after a few fastest laps of the race .

Great job kimi ..come on ...show ur talent at Valencia after sunmer break !!!!

Net Neutrality

Recently i read the below stated message here

The Internet as we know it is facing a serious threat. There's a debate heating up in Washington, DC on something called "net neutrality" – and it's a debate that's so important Google is asking you to get involved. We're asking you to take action to protect Internet freedom.

In the next few days, the House of Representatives is going to vote on a bill that would fundamentally alter the Internet. That bill, and one that may come up for a key vote in the Senate in the next few weeks, would give the big phone and cable companies the power to pick and choose what you will be able to see and do on the Internet.

Today the Internet is an information highway where anybody – no matter how large or small, how traditional or unconventional – has equal access. But the phone and cable monopolies, who control almost all Internet access, want the power to choose who gets access to high-speed lanes and whose content gets seen first and fastest. They want to build a two-tiered system and block the on-ramps for those who can't pay.

Creativity, innovation and a free and open marketplace are all at stake in this fight. Please call your representative (202-224-3121) and let your voice be heard.

Thanks for your time, your concern and your support.

Eric Schmidt

I didnt fully understand the implications of the proposed bill or how it affects a net user like me . i hope i can digg more information on the same ..hopefully

400GB Blu-ray disc :)

Pioneer unveils 400GB Blu-ray disc that is capable of holding 400 GB of information .This disc uses 16 layers to hold all the information at 25GB per stack.more here