finally it comes true !!

huh ..finally i done it ..i had two bets with my best friends ..i agreed those ..when i was drunk ....the first one was to beat the best bowling score in our friends league ( We used to go out for bowling ) , second go out with a girl for a Date !!! ( huh ..very very challenging one )

finally i managed to win the former bet , i scored 222 against the very best till before the best score, 209 , against my best friend ..huh ..its a great achievement .... i was sure like i can beat the record ( 209 ) but i was not expecting that this soon..

bowling is a game which is really sporty and fun..getting strikes and spares are fun ..you need strikes and spares to be in a better scoring position throughout the frames ...today i scored spares or strikes in each frame ....finally managed to get 222 ...simply great at least for me ...i won finally :)

lets talk about the second ...its not a great bet for most , but its very difficult and challenging one for me ..i need to find a girl , so i can go out for a coffee or a pub or a sports bar .i haven't found anybody , but i am not sure i can find somebody or not ..i have 10 more days to go ..is there any body around who can share a coffee with me ( only gals :) ) .....who knows !!!

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