Architecture-Oriented or Feature-Oriented

John Ferguson in his blog explaining the key differences between Architecture oriented and Feature oriented design.

He is stating .....Architecture-Oriented teams are organised according to the system architecture of the application. For example, in a typical e-commerce application, you might have a web-tiers layer, a services layer and a database access layer. Using an Architecture-Oriented approach, you would have a team (or team-member, for very small projects) dedicated to each layer.

Feature-Oriented teams are organised by feature, or use case, or user story, or some other tangible and deliverable unit of functionality. For this iteration, Team A will take care of the Shopping Cart Checkout feature, whereas Team B will implement the full-text catalog search. Each team implements their feature from A to Z, so they usually have to touch all the layers of the application architecture.

very good article ..keep reading

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