Eclipse : Views and Editors ??

Eclipse has the concept of views and editors , most of the eclipse programmers think both are similar in many aspects , but it is interesting to see the differences . Eclipse FAQ has an interesting entry on the same , am reiterating the same here..

Here are the main ones.
  • There is generally only one instance of a given view per workbench page, but there can be several instances of the same type of editor.
  • Editors can appear in only one region of the page, whereas views can be moved to any part of the page and minimized as fast views.
  • Editors can be in a dirty state, meaning that their contents are unsaved and will be lost if the editor is closed without saving.
  • Views have a local toolbar, whereas editors contribute buttons to the global toolbar.
  • Editors can be associated with a file name or an extension, and this association can be changed by users
Hope it helps !!!

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