German GP predictions

Fans all over the world are looking forward to this sunday , we will get to know who will lead the drivers standing in Formula1 ...I hope its going to be fun !!!

If one of the four drivers in the drivers standing win the German GP , they will lead the drivers championship , so it is an important race for all . It looks mclaren had a good practice session on friday , but everybody expect ferrari will be back to track on saturday with charm .

As everybody aware we had unpredictable races in the last few weekends , i hope the german GP is going to be a normal race , though weather forecasts predict little shower on race day .

My bet goes to Determined Iceman ,(after a damn strategy blunder by ferrari at silverstone , terrific exhaust broke at france , and stupidity by lewis at Montreal ) he is going to win this race.

At eod , it is racing and anything can happen , there are many other factors which decides the winning , its just not the drivers skills or cars .

Geman GP is home race for many drivers including nick , nico , vettel, sutil and its a chance for them to be in a point scoring position on sunday in front of their fans . Nick had a great race last weekend , and looks he is the driver who finished all the races this year (?) . There is a great chance for him to be in podium if there is a chance for rain . In normal day bmw cant beat neither ferrari nor mclaren, but still we can count him in podium contender in his home race.

I am not counting lewis in podium contenders , i am sure he will push hard to the limit and may run wide or retire soon fighting in the top . He had many good races so far , he lead the friday practice , but still he is not in my list of podium finishers .

So my predictions ...Kimi , Massa , Nick ..lookng forward to the race on sunday !!!

if u wish to read further ..have a look at Keith's predictions here or you like to read more about the history of German GP , journeyer wrote an excellent article in f1fanatic great work journeyer and thanks keith for running such a informative blog !!!!

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