Massa the reason I retired

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Nearly two years after announcing his retirement as a Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher has cited his former team-mate Felipe Massa as a primary reason for hanging up his racing helmet."I stopped because I didn't want my friend Felipe Massa to be unemployed," the Swiss newspaper Blick quotes the seven time world champion as saying."I would have had no problem going up against Kimi Raikkonen," Schumacher adds, refuting the common claim that he objected to having the Finn as his 2007 team-mate.

I believe kimi is one of the naturally quickest formula one drivers active in racing , may be schumi was expecting a number one position in ferrari as usual and he might not get it if kimi joined the team !!!!

Is massa a good driver , i dont think so , he is just a normal racing driver , who always wins on his favorite circuits most cases the the blunders made by his teams strategy at the expense of his team mate . Wtf he did in silverstone last race , he was lapping and spinning every corner in the circuit ...hehe

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