Should i say 'blogger.com' is bug free ??

I guess no ...there are bugs ..major bugs !!!

I created a blog of mine a while back , recently i noticed some thing . In the blog archive section , when you click on the links to blog posts , it is not going to the correct page , instead it is displaying a blank page ..what the heck!!!

Anyways i am try creating a new blog and moving all the posts to here. I hope it will work , else i guess i need to move to some other blogger site ..!!!

I did a lot of tweaking to customize the templates ....does it mean ..did i do some thing stupid which caused this ..who knows !!!!

anyways testing ..testing ..hope it works !!!  

PS : I tested in the new blog it is working , but i have some problem exporting the blog contents to new blog using the new blog export / import functionality provided by http://draft.blogger.com/  but looks no luck to me ( giving me some funny errors :) ) , any ways the number posts are less , so i can copy paste the same to new blog ..damn !!!

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